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About iHEAL Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur

The One Stop Boutique Medical Centre

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iHEAL Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur is a One-STOP Boutique Medical Centre located at Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur. Positioned as a cardiac health centre, iHEAL Medical Centre focuses on the diagnostic and detection of heart diseases and offers a complete range of treatment options which includes angioplasty and bypass. Known as the only Dedicated Centre For Less Invasive Bypass (Off-pump) in Malaysia, iHEAL performs 90% of its heart bypass using the less invasive or off-pump procedure.


iHEAL Medical Centre is also home to the world’s most advanced CT Scanner, The Toshiba Aquilion One 640-Slice 4D CT Scanner that has the ability to perform a heart scan in just 350 milliseconds and it provides high quality x-ray images for a more accurate diagnosis, replacing the need to perform a Catheter Angiography for the detection of heart disease.   iHEAL Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur is also the Only Dedicated Sweat Solution Clinic in Malaysia that offers diagnosis and treatment for patients with excessive sweaty palms also known as Palmar Hyperhidrosis. The 15 minutes No Sweat procedure provides an instantaneous effective solution to this problem.

iHEAL Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur also provides the following facilities and services;


  1. Health and Wellness Screening Programmes
  2. Digital Imaging Centre
  3. Medical Laboratory
  4. Non-Invasive Cardiorespiratory Laboratory
  5. Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
  6. DietRite Clinic
  7. Orthopaedic Clinic
  8. Physiotherapy Services
  9. Sleep Study Laboratory
  10. Endoscopy Services
  11. Coronary Angiogram
  12. Coronary Angioplasty
  13. Less Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgery
    1. Off-pump Bypass Surgery
    2. Less Invasive Valve Surgery
    3. Less Invasive Lung Surgery
    4. Endoscopic Sympathicotomy (For Sweaty Palms)
  14. Bariatric Surgery
  15. Cosmetic Surgery
  16. ENT Surgery
  17. General Surgery
  18. Orthopaedic Surgery