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Sweat Solution

In all humans, sweating is an automatic process. In some people, however, natural perspiration is excessive, leading to a condition known as hyperhidrosis. The most common areas where such excessive sweating occurs are the hands, face, feet and axillae.


This condition is prevalent in approximately 2% of young adults. It often begins in adolescence but can occur in people of all ages. The cause of this condition is unknown but it is related to over-activity in the sympathetic nervous system.

Do I Have Wet Hands?

Yes, if you have the following problems over your palms:

  1. Continuous sweating
  2. Sweating without an apparent reason
  3. Sweating not provoked by exercise
  4. Provoked by emotional stress, hot weather conditions
  5. Sweating stops during sleep


How Can It Be Treated Surgically?

The “NO SWEAT” Technique

Sweaty palms, armpits and even face can be permanently treated by a procedure known as Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Sympathicotomy. This procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and two 5mm incisions made on each side of the chest to allow access into the chest cavities.

With the aid of a camera mounted on the thoracoscope, the sympathetic chains are visualized and duly clipped using titanium clips at the level of the second and third thoracic vertebra.

The results are usually instantaneous and the patient can leave the hospital on the same day with warm and dry hands. The overall success rate is close to 100%.